1.STORY: I want to be a superhero.


New words: Outdoor toys: slide, swing, climbing frame, bike, scooter, trampoline

Story structure: Is it a bike? Yes, it is. It‘s a bike.

Outdoor toys song:

It‘s a slide, a slide, a slide,

A swing, a swing

A climbing frame, a climbing frame

Let‘s play! Let‘s play!


It‘s a bike, a bike, a bike

A scoooter, a scooter,

A trampoline, a trampoline

Let‘s play! Let‘s play!

  1. SMART TOPIC: Music instruments

New words: drum, piano, guitar, trumpet

Structure: Let‘s play the  drum/piano…

Instruments song:

Let‘s play the drum! 3X

Bang, bang, bang!


Let‘s play the piano! 3X

Plink, plink, plink!


Let‘s play the guitar! 3X

Strum, strum, strum!


Let‘s play the trumpet!

Toot, toot, toot!

  1. NURSERY SCHOOL: Indoor toys

New words:  bricks, costumes, animals, jigsaws

Structure: What are these? They‘re bricks/costumes…

Indoors toys song:

What are these?

They‘re bricks, bricks, bricks 2x

Come and play.


What are these?

They‘re animals, animals, animals 2x

Come and play.


What are these?

They‘re costumes, costumes, costumes 2x

Come and play.


What are these?

They‘re jigsaws, jigsaws, jigsaws 2x

Come and play.